I would like others to know that working with you is a true gift!  You offered and gave me enough information to ponder outside my box in making decisions about my first website design, content and quality.  I thank you for your wisdom, ability to guide me beyond my comfort zone, and the ability to work with a very qualified consultant.“—Linda Sanford, American Dream Real Estate

Advanced Energy has had the pleasure to collaborate with the PorterWorks team to design, develop and deliver real estate specific training content for a number of residential energy efficiency programs we support. Whether the topic area has been sales, green appraisals, lending or customer engagement, PorterWorks consistently exceeds our expectations in delivering insightful and engaging training solutions.”—Shaun Hassel, Advanced Energy

I have had several occasions to use Anna Porter as a consultant. The first time we needed to get a non-builder’s view of how our very technical website might appear to the general public. Anna was able to provide key insights that helped our site remain thorough and technical, without putting the viewer to sleep. The most recent time, we needed to figure out why builders were not receptive to an Insurance product that was being offered by our State Builders Association, of which I was President at the time. Again, she absolutely nailed it on the head, with a number of insights and suggestions that mirrored what many of us were suspecting, but from a perspective that was fresh and much more interesting that what we “experts” could come up with on our own. Anna is a gem!“—Ted Clifton, Zero-Energy Plans LLC

Someday is almost here. In a few years we will start our travel adventures with other migratory retirees spending winters exploring the southern states and summers, mixing it up in Canada, Alaska, and the northern states. Part of our plan includes building a covered RV area, a small apartment and garage with solar panels. We want to have at least one fixed place to call home that is larger than the 240 square foot rolling home we expect to travel in. Wow, did we learn a great deal about planning our “green” energy efficient solar paneled tiny home. Dave and Anna shared their expertise in how to orient the place to maximize sun exposure including roof design, window location, types of trees that help or hurt depending on the species chosen and so much more. Before you set out to build your dream chalet or castle, talk with Dave and Anna and save yourself vast sums of money and untold number of headaches because you didn’t plan well. Plan with Going Green at the Beach [PorterWorks]!“—Chris and Deena

Anna Porter of PorterWorks was hired to provide information about our Building Industry Insurance Program (BiiP). Volunteer leaders, local association staff, insurance workgroup members and participating insurance agents we interviewed. As a result we received a comprehensive report that evaluated the program and has allow us to recommend changes to improve the program.“—Art Castle, Building Industry Association of Washington