Free Preliminary Consultation: We’re happy to speak with you about your project and whether we are the right option for you!

The PorterWorks Protocol: Vet your entire project with our staff over the phone or Skype – and create a functioning, actionable document to guide your project from concept to completion.

Video Production: Tell your story using our full compliment of video production services; from pre-production through post, we have the tools required for each step of the way. We employ professional equipment including 4K UHD cameras, high definition multi-channel audio recording devices (up to stereo 1bit DSD) and more.  We specialize in documentary storytelling, training and demonstration videos, interviews/testimonials, business profiles, real estate videos, and creative marketing.

Audio Recording and Design: We have decades of experience recording and producing music from a myriad of different genres and artists.  Our portable recording studio offers 16 channels of mic preamps, 24 bit and 48kHz WAV/AIFF recording, and integration with live sound systems.  We are equipped with a variety of high-quality microphones and other peripherals.

Video and Audio Post-Production: Complete your project at our post facilities.  We provide video editing services, sound mixing and editing (including 5.1 surround mixing), sound design, music composition and production, and titling.  Our partners offer more specialized services at competitive rates for 3D design and animation, analog-equipped audio mastering, and others—all while working seamlessly with us to bring your vision to life.

Camera-Ready Training: Learn how to present yourself, your company/organization, and the important details and larger themes of  topics and stories that matter to you–with attention to camera etiquette, spokesperson training, interviews, etc.

Project Management: We are masters at keeping projects of all kinds together, with participants coordinated and stakeholders held accountable.  Your project must be done correctly—under budget, ahead of schedule—and as smoothly as possible.  Our project management services are geared to exactly those outcomes.

Project Post-Completion Strategy: We offer as one of our services a written, modifiable plan of action for the best implementation of your completed project, from SEO to branding and beyond.