Course List

The following courses are approved for continuing education for real estate agents (and some also for appraisers) in WA and OR:

Anatomy of a Deep-Green Home (3 hours): This course chronicles the journey from idea to reality of a national award- winning deep green demonstration home. Approved for real estate agents and appraisers.

Blueprint for a Smooth Transaction (3 hours): Not all real estate transactions go smoothly; some in fact are unmanageable and eventually fail. There are many moving parts in the real estate transaction involving many different people. It gets more complicated when you bring financing into the mix. This workshop identifies common transaction problems and offers strategies to reduce or eliminate these obstacles with the goal of creating a smooth transaction.

Blueprint for Successfully Selling New Homes (12 hours):  This class is a must for agents focused on new home sales. Many of the principles apply to resale however the course is targeted to the new home sales agent. We start with assessing what knowledge is needed about you, traits of successful sales agent and the sales process.  We learn how to study and create area & builder overview, as well and construction elements and design trends. We will discuss and practice negotiation & closing techniques. You’ll learn key must-know information on financing and valuation, marketing, and outreach strategies. We will review and practice closing, orientation, and customer service approaches. And we’ll visit a new home model and define how to tour a new home.

Building, Marketing, Appraising & Financing Green (4.5 hours): A great overview of what a “green” home is, how to market & sell it, and how to appraise and find financing for it. Approved for real estate agents and appraisers.

GreenSpecialist Designation Course (15 hours): A PorterWorks-designed course for lenders, appraisers, insurance providers and real estate agents, this class offers an extensive overview of green building, appraising, lending and insuring; and a nationally-recognized designation as well. Approved for real estate agents and appraisers.

Instructor Development Workshop Training Trainers (15 hours): This class helps improve presentation and teaching skills of students. It also helps fulfill the requirements for certification to teach continuing education to real estate agents.

Irresistible RE Marketing & Selling Ideas (3 hours): This is a fun, fact-packed course about getting and keeping the attention of buyers and other agents.

Mainstreaming the Multicultural Market (4 hours): Understanding our key cultural differences and similarities can help unlock the code to efficiently working with various multicultural buyers.

Mortgage Matters (3 hours): Changes in the mortgage business move faster than a speeding bullet train! Keeping current with the mortgage industry is critical. There are changes weekly in the mortgage business and not just with interest rates. Understanding these changes will help you put–and keep–transactions together. Knowing about ways to structure transactions with different mortgages matters!

Move that House!: Tips for Selling the Contingent Home (3 hours): This course is designed to take marketing ideas and selling skills that are traditionally used for new homes and use them to improve resale home traffic, interest and eventually sales.

The Future of Housing (3 hours): In this class we will take a look at how our housing choices have been made thus far and discuss why we cannot continue to do things as we have before. We’ll look at the ramifications of our housing choices and look at new innovations in housing that are sustainable. Alternative housing design and construction methods will be explored. The future of housing needs to be is about the future of our planet. The world’s population is 7.2 B and is projected to increase to 8.2 B by 2015. According to WHO, 70% of people will be living in cities by 2050. The future of housing needs to be also about the future of our cities so reinventing our cities is of critical importance. The future can be great if we make wise choices.