Going Green at the Beach

“Small lot, big attitude” perfectly describes this challenging project: a ramshackle, 100-year-old beach cabin reinvented as a model for green living. Starting with the cabin’s deconstruction (over 80% was salvaged or recycled), the project incorporated the owners’ passion for beachfront living with the standards of multiple green certification programs.

Geothermal and solar power, radiant floors, and windows with mechanized awnings combine energy efficiency with cozy comfort and stunning views. Creative use of the 30-foot-wide lot allows terraced gardens and space for entertaining, while a vegetated roof and pervious concrete protect Puget Sound by filtering stormwater runoff.

Despite its impressive green credentials, the home feels as relaxed and playful as a day at the beach. The ship’s prow deck, the beach glass countertop mosaic, the “secret” door hiding the home office, the “lighthouse” cupola with its spiral staircase and breathtaking panorama – countless special touches like these make this home a treasure.”