Become a GreenSpecialist

The “GreenSpecialist” training is for any professional involved in commercial or residential lending, appraising, insuring or real estate sales.  To become a GreenSpecialist (GreenLending Specialist, GreenValuation Specialist, GreenRealEstate Specialist, or GreenInsurance Specialist) you must take the two-day course which encompasses the following segments:

  • Overview of “the case” for going green (ecologically and economically)
  • Design and Site considerations
  • Energy saving strategies and renewable energy generation tactics
  • Water conservation strategies for residences, commercial buildings, communities and cities
  • Materials management and resource efficiency
  • Education, Operations & Maintenance
  • Indoor Environmental Quality overview
  • Rating systems overview for buildings, professionals and materials
  • An update on The Greening of the Multiple Listing Service groups
  • Latest methods in the Valuation of Green Buildings
  • Energy Efficient Mortgages, Energy Improvement Mortgages and Green lending principles and the Secondary Market
  • Insuring Green Buildings
  • Tools and tangible marketing take-a-ways on ways to partner with other professionals

After completing the course, passing the final exam and signing a code of conduct you can earn your designation.