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Video/Audio Production

The opportunity for online advertising and promotion through video has literally exploded!  YouTube, the granddaddy of online video reports that they receive “over 2 billion video views per day; over 35 hours of video uploaded per minute” as reported by ReelSeo.  ReelSeo also reports that the number of advertisers using YouTube has increased by 10 in 2011 over 2010. Are you a part of the wave?  What’s stopping you?

Think you can’t afford to advertise via online video?  Think again!  PorterWorks offers video advertising solutions that are affordable yet good quality.  We can help you create a video to advertise your construction company, real estate business, restaurant business and more and keep it in your budget.  You can see examples of our work at:

Video is a powerful platform for any kind of professional or business: it can quickly, efficiently, and vividly convey the messages so many of us want our potential clients to intercept.  People around the world are looking for the products and services they want using sites like YouTube – who wants to be (or can afford to be) left in the dust in such a strategic way?  Put your best foot forward everytime with an in-depth video that accurately portrays what it is you do and just how well you do it.

We believe that all of our clients and partners can benefit from video marketing, considering that YouTube is one of the top ten search engines for businesses worldwide.  Get on the Information Highway or Become Road Kill!  PorterWorks can make it happen for you painlessly and affordably.  The average video project package ranges from $250 to $5,000–whatever the scope of your project and budget allows.

Video Project Types include:


-One-On-One Interview

-Building/Site Tour

-Concert and Event

-Aesthetic/Non-Narrative (Landscapes, Nature Scenes)


Project Packages may include:

-Project Development


-Digital Video Production/Editing

-Audio Recording/Mixing

-Music Scoring

Resources include:

-2x HD Video Cameras

-Field Audio Recorders and Microphones


-Green Screen Backdrop

-Camera Slider and Camera Crane

-Much more…

Rate determined by project (scope, locations, etc.)

Added fees for travel outside of King and Snohomish County.

Discounts available for secular non-profits and charities.

Examples of our work:


Flash Animation

Flash Animation

Flash Animation